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Breaking the Cycle of Dependency: Unleashing Haiti's Potential through Economic Liberation

The principles of finance are immutable, whether viewed through the lens of an individual or a nation. From the powerful states of France, England, and the United States to the world's wealthiest individuals like Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates, the use of other people's resources and capital to amass wealth is a fundamental and universally accepted concept. However, it is important to note that the exploitation of other nations by powerful states, such as those mentioned…

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Regaining Control of our Nation | The Two Essential Components (PART II - Economy)

In our previous discussion, we established education as the foundational pillar to unify the nation. But, as some may question, how does education relate to economic development, and which should take precedence? Here, in part 2 of our series on regaining control of Haiti, we dive deeper into the direct correlation between formal education and economic success. By analyzing a country's educational opportunities, one can easily assess the rate of economic development. Although formal education…

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Regaining Control of our Nation | The Two Essential Components (PART I - Education)

  The reconstruction of our nation is contingent upon the proper cultivation of education, as it serves as the foundation for societal growth and development. It is imperative that we approach this undertaking with a focus on civism and employ informal educational methods, in order to effectively rehabilitate and ultimately restructure Haitian society. Throughout our nation's history, we have faced a myriad of challenges, including the tragic assassination of our Emperor, which has left our…

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  The trajectory of Haiti's future is a complex issue, hinging upon the collective willpower of its people, particularly those residing in the diaspora. Despite the multifaceted nature of the challenge, there are divergent viewpoints on how best to resolve the current crisis, with no single solution universally embraced. Nevertheless, the Haitian diaspora holds a critical role in the reconstruction process, starting with an educational foundation that re-aligns the Haitian consciousness.…

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We welcome all Authentic Haitians who have had enough of the instability, armed gangs terrorizing our nation, daily kidnappings, and foreign interference in our internal affairs, and who have decided to say ENOUGH!

This is a private space dedicated to discussing Haiti's problems and collaborating to create lasting solutions.

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